The Cosmic Junk

Barot Ranjit Barot was our first drummer.  In the years the Junk was alive, it was difficult, if not impossible, to get good musical gear in India.

The drummer usually suffered the most, having to make to do with locally made skins (Gladnick) and bass pedals that wore out long before their prime.  Ranjit took all this in stride and managed to churn out a solid beat that continued unwavering throughout a concert.

After a couple of years, Ranjit left the Junk and joined the People, a bunch of talented folk, including Bunny, whose vocal harmonies contributed greatly to their thick sound.

Eventually, Ranjit hit the big time and began to tour internationally.  When I last met him in 1994, he had his own recording outfit, TONS of gear and was experimenting with merging rock and roll and Indian classical music.

Ravi with VOX When I joined the Junk, my brother gifted me one of his prized possessions - a brand spanking new Vox VG2 solid-body.

The guitar had a silken touch and a sustain worthy of capturing the nuances of a Led Zeppelin solo gone mad.  It weighed a ton, and after four hours of playing left my shoulder bruised and hurting.  It was worth every minute of pain.

Twenty five years later, but now in need of professional restoration, the Vox continues to be a part of my musical life, though I've since graduated to a 1984 Fender American Standard Strat.

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