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The application displays the message "Object reference not set to an instance of the object" when attempting to a view a chart. This is a known issue and will be fixed soon.

Seeing a 403 (Forbidden) error when attempting to access the TakeStock 2 Cloud? This is a known site configuration issue and is being worked on. Your data is unchanged and safe.

Welcome to TakeStock 2, the world’s most popular completely free full-featured personal investment management software for Windows.  TakeStock 2 is a from-the-ground-up rewrite of the original version first released in 2002, and is used by thousands of independent and professional investors worldwide to help make better informed investment decisions.

TakeStock 2 - Full-featured, fabulous and completely free!
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TakeStock 2 lets you:
  • Check the performance of your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Track dividends, capital gain distributions, margin equity and cash flow.
  • View a security’s price chart, find historical prices and read company information.
  • Get price quotes (usually delayed by 15 minutes).
  • Be alerted when a security’s target buy or sell price is reached.
  • Easily identify short and long term gains for tax reporting purposes.

But that’s just scratching the surface!  For a complete list of features, click here.

With TakeStock 2, your financial data remains on your computer — where it belongs — and not at a website whose security could be compromised.  The portable version of TakeStock 2 even runs entirely off a USB stick, allowing you to use TakeStock 2 on different computers without leaving any data on those devices.

TakeStock 2 is 100% free, displays no advertising or nag screens, and doesn’t require registration of any kind.


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