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    2008 Home 

    Read the article C# 3.0 - Extension methods
    Helper classes grown up
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 11 Feb 2008

    Read the article C# 3.0 - Automatic properties
    Much ado about nothing?
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 14 Jan 2008

    2007 Home 

    Read the article Say what!?
    Speech synthesis the managed way
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 17 Dec 2007

    Read the article Thread parameters - the .NET 2.0 way
    More manageable managed multithreading
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 12 Nov 2007

    Read the article True, false, or undefined?
    Nullable types to the rescue
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 15 Oct 2007

    Read the article Watch what I copy!
    Monitoring the clipboard with a little help from P/Invoke
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 17 Sep 2007

    Read the article Enhance your (MDI app's) image
    How to display a background image in the MDI client area
    by Ravi Bhavnani, 13 Aug 2007


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