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  • To report a bug, please post a comment at the TakeStock2 Google Group or send me an email.  Please try and include as much information as possible in your bug report.
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    If TakeStock 2 displays an "Internal Error" message, please email me the TakeStock 2 error file that was saved to your desktop.  Thank you!

 Open bugs Closed bugs 

 Bug #  Reported  Version  Description
 216  2021.04.02  2.0 R 62 Right-clicking a portfolio in the grid and selecting the Move Portfolio or Copy Portfolio command sometimes doesn’t do anything.
Use the Move Portfolio and Copy Portfolio commands in the TakeStock Explorer window.

Reported by Ravi Bhavnani

 210  2020.09.04  2.0 R 61 Suggestion:
Allow a portfolio’s transactions to be exported to a CSV file.

Reported by Maxwell Moon

 209  2020.09.04  2.0 R 61 Suggestion:
Increase the size of a position’s comment field.

Reported by Elango Sam

 208  2020.06.14  2.0 R 60 Suggestion:
The user should be able to increase the font size of information displayed in the Portfolio view.

Reported by Asuraj Semlani

 174  2017.11.29  2.0 R 51 The Print command ignores a view’s “Show summary” setting.  The summary is always printed.

Reported by Ravi Bhavnani

 173  2017.11.19  2.0 R 51 Suggestion:
The Chart window shouldn’t limit the selection of moving averages to standard values.  Instead, I should be able to select an arbitrary period and choose to show 1, 2 (short and long-term) or 3 (short, medium and long-term) moving average lines.

Reported by Vijay Idnani

 171  2017.07.23  2.0 R 50 Suggestion:
Provide an option to add a position representing bonus shares (i.e. shares obtained from a company for no consideration).

Reported by Jogy George

 125  2015.03.11  2.0 A 39 Suggestion:
Provide an option to not resize a portfolio’s column widths when the portfolio is refreshed.

Reported by Frederico Viotti, NB

 30  2012.05.07  2.0 A 8 When the application displays a portfolio on startup, there is extra (useless) space after the right-most column.

Reported by Bassam A

 1  2011.08.1  2.0 A 39 Some features aren’t yet implemented.

Reported by Ravi Bhavnani


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