565 point Version 1.0, released 26 Dec 2000
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Adventure's surprisingly mild-mannered fire-breathing dragon.  One of the many obstacles you'll need to conquer in order to solve the game!

How to download and install Adventure
  1. Click here to download the Adventure installer AdvSFX.exe (140 Kb).

  2. Run AdvSFX.exe. This will extract 6 files (Adventure.exe and five datafiles named ADV1.DAT, ADV2.DAT, etc.) to C:\.

You can keep Adventure.exe anywhere on your hard disk.  However, the five datafiles need to reside in C:\.

How to run Adventure
In keeping with the charm of its command line prompt predecessor, Adventure is a DOS program.  To start the game, open a DOS window and enter C:\Adventure.

How to uninstall Adventure
To remove Adventure from your computer, just delete Adventure.exe and the five datafiles ADV1.DAT thru ADV5.DAT.  Adventure doesn't create or modify any INI files and doesn't use the Windows registry.

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