Page swapped memories

A camera is an incredible device.  So is a Van der Graaf generator and a pneumatic drill, but that's not the point.  A camera lets you document an event that probably held little or no significance at the time of its occurrence, yet when viewed years later, generates emotions that would otherwise have gone unperceived.  Like when you bump into an old college roommate years later and realize he never did repay the $50 you loaned him to travel to Wisconsin to see his girlfriend.

If nothing else, a photograph brings home the passage of time.  I guess JT's right.  The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

These are some of my page swapped memories.

First snow  
Pittsburgh, winter 1980.

Of course I'd seen pictures of snow before but I'd never actually touched it.  Or sat on it for that matter.  That's hard to do growing up in Bombay, where the coldest it gets is 65 degrees.  If you're lucky.

Pittsburgh was also the first time I saw a "Walk - Don't Walk" sign up close.

Slip slidin' away  
Pittsburgh, winter 1980.

More of the same, trying to look amused while struggling to maintain my balance on a cold, wet slide.

That's my friend Baiju on the left who I've known for a hundred years and her then-roommate Mary.  Baiju's a Capricorn and is probably the world's most active person.

She and her husband Phil think nothing of getting up at six on a Saturday morning and building a dog run outside their fixer-upper in a charming neighborhood which they've rented for gobs of money to a bunch of yuppies.  All this while packing their bags and rushing to the airport in time to catch a plane to London, where they've moved "for a while".


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