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Blacksburg, fall 1980.

Anish, an old roommate and good friend, who lives exclusively on a diet of red meat and cigarettes.  He's the only person I know who graduated with a 4.0 GPA after partying wildly through graduate school.

The sunglasses are courtesy of our other roommate, Curtis (see below), who discovered them at the Blacksburg Thrift Shop, a haven for the fastidious dresser.

Anish is solely responsible for my dislike (through association) of Star Trek and MASH.

Blacksburg, fall 1980.

Curtis Owings, a fine gentleman and once owner of a dark green 1948 Plymouth he won in a bet (and sadly later lost to a car thief).  Curtis was my roommate during my first year.

This photograph was shot in one of the labs at the CS department at Virginia Tech, where Curtis dropped a stack of 700 punched cards containing the world's least efficient implementation of the Runga-Kutta method.

I lost touch with Curtis in 1985.  Last I heard, he was sharing a house with five single women and writing code for the U.S. Navy.  God help us.

Curtis, if you're reading this, send me mail!

Curtis found me on the web in March 2003!  Unlike me, he has gone on to lead a normal and productive life.


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