Class of '74

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The Class of '74 41st North American mini-reunion was held in Boston
during 27-28 Jun 2015.
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The Class of '74 40th reunion held during 21-23 Nov 2014 was a smashing success. Thanks to the organizers and the entire class of '74 for their participation!

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  • 2013 sightings of the gang can be seen here!

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Welcome to Campion School's class of 1974!

This site is dedicated to our staff and classmates, who inspired, encouraged, nurtured, and annoyed us during our formative years.  Who knows how we'd have turned out, had it not been for the endless hours of mind-numbing calculus, Shakespeare, and Premchand that were heaped upon us in the name of education.  A bunch of Nobel laureates?  Not!

High school can matter so little when you're in it.  It's when you look back, that it hits you.  Our teachers really went to bat for us.  And for that we say, a heartfelt "Thank you!".

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